Virtual Magic Shows + Teambuilding

Tired of Boring Virtual Meetings?

Coby's virtual magic show will amaze your guests and  WOW them with magic and mentalism effects. Witness as Coby guesses personal things such as first kiss, favourite teacher, first pet, and favourite food!  Appropriate for all ages and all audiences; content is simply good, clean fun!



Covid Can't Bring Us Down

For the health and safety of all involved, all The Magic of Coby shows and demos are currently being held virtually. 

The Magic of Coby offers the perfect way to boost moral and bring your team or business together virtually! ​

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Frequently asked questions

How many people can attend a virtual show?

Coby’s virtual show can accommodate up to 500 screens. We can make accommodations for even larger groups, or do multiple shows if needed.

We have a smaller group. Do you do shows for smaller groups?

Yes, of course. Smaller groups allow for a greater percentage of participants to become part of the show!

Is Coby’s magic suitable for families?

Yes, the show is 100% family friendly, suitable for all ages. Coby’s magic is super-interactive with lots of audience participation, with clean comedy and mind-blowing Magic and Mentalism! And there’s no extra charge for the family time you’ll spend together afterwards trying to figure out how it’s all done!

How do I find out if Coby’s available on the date I want?

Contact us at info@themagicofcoby.com or by phone at 416-500-4777. (We usually respond within the hour)

How does a virtual Magic Show work?

The simplest way is to show you. Please click here to set up a free demo.

How long is a virtual show?

Coby’s shows are either 30 min. or 45min. In special circumstances, Coby can perform either a longer or shorter show on request.

Our Company has offices in different time zones. Can you you accommodate special time requests?

Working in your own time zone is so 2019. All of us are so far beyond that now. Coby has performed virtual shows for families and companies all over the world at ‘virtually’ all hours of the day!

I saw Coby in a virtual show last month. How did he know what playing card I was thinking of?

Nice try.

How far in advance do I need to book?

We might be able to fit your show in next week. On the other hand, we have dates months away that are fully booked. The earlier you book Coby for your event, the more likely you will be able to get your preferred date and time.

Can Coby really predict the future?

Yes. As an example, you’re going to re-read the question above about how virtual magic shows work, and then book a demo… Now you’re thinking, “No, I’m not going to book a demo,” but in fact, we both know that you are going to book a demo eventually… so you might as well do it right now.

What information do you need to schedule a show for me?

Once we’ve determined the date, time, and length of your show, we just need your billing name, address, and phone number; and we’ll email confirmation documents and welcome package right away.

What method of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

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The Virtual 


All of our virtual shows are professionally shot and produced. Coby’s Virtual Magic Show has multiple cameras for each routine and customized split screens and “picture in picture” frames capture the “OMG” moment of the spectator. 

At every show we promise:

  • Extremely interactive experience for all attendees

  • Front row seats for everyone!

  • Super Clean Comedy and Content  - In almost all of Coby’s corporate virtual shows, many of the adult guests are experiencing the show from home with their family joining in the virtual fun as well. Therefore the virtual magic show contains 100% clean content. 

  • Meeting accommodations for up to 500 guests

  • An experience you will never forget!

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Great for


Coby's Virtual Magic is very popular for engaging groups online for interactive team building sessions. Since the magic and mind-reading is done live, it’s super interactive and a great way to engage employees and clients that are working remotely. Coby regularly performs at virtual company meetings to engage the groups, revitalize virtual meetings, and bring everyone together. In addition, Coby does online virtual workshops that teach the guests’ easy to do magic that everyone can do. His Team Building workshops are also customized to each company to bring forth a specific message such as persistence, preparation, and vision.


Group sizes can range from 15 to 1000, which makes the team building experience very scalable, to companies that are working from different locations.

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The Magic of Coby

Coby has performed in over 30 countries around the world and has been featured on over 30 television performance and talk shows. Clients include FedEx, Google, GM, and dozens more. His blend of magic, mentalism and illusions intertwined with his charm and charisma, make him the perfect choice for Corporate Events, Trade Shows, and Private Parties.


Coby's unique and interactive performances have delighted and mystified audiences all over the world. He has had the privilege of performing before many heads of state including Canadian Prime Minister Harper  and the Prince of Morocco. His audience include a who's-who of celebrities, royalty, and other notables such as; Samuel L. Jackson, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Spacey and David Copperfield and his crew.

The Magic of Coby | Toronto Magician | Toronto's Most Request Magic Show

Best Mentalist Ever! 

Rachel McAdams - Actress


Super Engaging, Very funny!



Mind Blowing!

Charlize Theron - Actress