It’s official - the award-winning show that dropped jaws around the world – has gone virtual. Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to WOW your guests, impress your clients and bond with your employees through the power of MAGIC and mentalism. 


Experience the Magic of Coby – A highly-interactive, all-ages virtual magic show hosted by “Canadian Magician of the Year,” Coby Elimelech.

Experience the Magic of World-Class Mentalist, Coby, from the Comfort of Your Home

Amaze, Engage, and Connect Your Audience

With a star-studded lineup including Samuel L Jackson, Charlize Theron, Mark Wahlberg, David Copperfield, and countless Fortune 500 clients blown away by Coby’s performance, it’s not every day you get a front-row seat at one of his shows. 


But Today You Can!

The Magic of Coby is Perfect For Virtual

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Expect the Unexpected – Leave the Rest to Us

Each 15, 30, or 60-minute virtual magic show includes up to 500 Zoom connections

(yes, your entire staff is welcome!)

Professional Camerawork/Production


  • Multiple cameras for each routine

  • Customized split screens and “picture-in-picture” to capture the “OMG” moment of the spectator

  • A professional in-home studio with state-of-the-art tech, lighting, sound, and backdrop

A 100% Interactive Experience


  • Highly-engaging routines, custom-tailored to each live audience

  • Mind-reading effects, such as naming your first kiss or first pet

  • Magic you can experience with your own hands – at home!

Super Clean Comedy and Content

  • An all-ages show the whole family can enjoy

  • No inappropriate language or content

  • Safe for work and professional settings


Meet The Man Behind
The Magic!

Coby is widely regarded as one of the best mentalists in the world today. Over the past decade, he has brought his unique blend of magic and mentalism to over 30 countries and has had the pleasure of performing for countless celebrities and heads of state.

Super Engaging, Very funny!


Best Mentalist Ever! 

Rachel McAdams - Actress

Mind Blowing!

Charlize Theron - Actress


Seamless, Affordable Booking For Groups of All Sizes

Ready for a memorable experience your guests will talk about for years to come? Booking has never been easier or more affordable.

To book a show or start with a FREE live demo, simply fill out the form below and connect with Coby directly – no travel expenses, hotels, or fancy banquet halls necessary – this incredible show is just one click away!

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