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Experience a Virtual Magic Show

This zoom magic show will amaze your guests, and will WOW them with magic and mentalism effects the will literally BLOW their Minds! Coby will guess personal things like a “first kiss, favourite teacher, first pet, favourite food, in addition, all of Coby’s material is 100% clean and appropriate content for all ages, so feel free to include the whole family in the show.

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What Makes Coby's Virtual Magic Show Unique?

It is professionally shot and produced. Unfortunately many virtual performers are simply doing their tricks in front of a webcam. Coby’s Virtual Magic Show has multiple cameras for each routine and is professionally shot. Customized Split Screens and “picture in picture” capture the “OMG” moment of the spectator - which is just as important as the magical effect we experience. In addition, Coby has built a professional in-home studio to accommodate all the tech, lighting, sound and backdrop required to provide the guests’ with an immersive and memorable, experience.

Super Interactive

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Everyone Gets

A Front Row Seat

Many companies who traditionally book Coby for a live magic and mind reading show, have changed gears and are now booking his virtual magic and mentalism show. Through the magic of online meeting platforms like “zoom” the show provides and interactive playground for clients to unite their employees and staff in a fun and fully immersive and interactive experience.

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Coby’s Virtual Magic Show is 100% interactive. There are so many great You Tube videos of magicians and mentalists out there. Why would this be any different? Each and every routine is super-interactive and involves Coby magically reading the minds of the spectators virtually. Coby will perform effects such as naming your first kiss, first pet, and will even have you experience the magic in your own hands at home! The interactive portion is what guests truly connect with. 


Super Clean Comedy and Content  - In almost all of Coby’s corporate virtual shows, many of the adult guests are experiencing the show from home with their family joining in the virtual fun as well. Therefore the virtual magic show contains 100% clean content. No part of the show including language and comedy is inappropriate. This provides you with peace of mind that everyone will have a great time!

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The show is very popular for engaging groups on-line for interactive team building sessions. Since the magic and mind-reading is done live, it’s super interactive and a great way to engage employees and clients that are working remotely. Coby regularly performs at virtual company meetings to engage the groups, revitalize virtual meetings, and bring everyone together. In addition, Coby does online virtual workshops that teach the guests’ easy to do magic that everyone can do. His Team Building workshops are also customized to each company to bring forth a specific message such as persistence, preparation, and vision. Group sizes can range from 15 to 1000, which makes the team building experience very scalable, to companies that are working from different locations.

Great For Team Building


Easy To Book and Experience.

The virtual magic and mind-reading show booking process is super easy. Just contact Coby directly and choose a 15 min, 30 min or 1 hour virtual show option. A welcome package will be sent to you with the zoom link and show details that you can share with your corporate team. The virtual show link will be live about 15 min prior to showtime. Coby will also accommodate international time zones and can entertain anywhere in the world -virtually. Also, the virtual show is also much more affordable for companies to book, as travel and accommodation fees are not applicable. There are no more banquet hall rental fees, or catering fees, which makes this super practical and the obvious choice for companies looking to engage, team build, and entertain their staff with high end virtual corporate entertainment. 

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